Loukoumades - An all time classic Greek Desserts

Loukoumades - An all time classic Greek Desserts

One of the favorite, Greek traditional desserts is loukoumades. Loukoumas (single) is the Greek version of a doughnut. It is a bite-sized, sweet honey puff which is deep fried until it becomes crispy. For us, loukoumades is a part of our culture and family menus, as our parents used to serve this dessert after a meal or a family dinner. Loukoumades are great during the winter months as they are served hot but it still remains a great choice of dessert at any time of the year.

Where to find the best loukoumades in Athens

Most European cultures have their version of doughnuts but Greek “loukoumades” (lou-kou-ma-des) would have to be the most sinful. If you’re going to indulge then you might as well have the best. We’ve chosen two of the standouts in central Athens.

Krinos Loukoumades (since 1923)

Loukoumades - Krinos Loukoumades restaurantLocated in an impressive neo-classical building that was once Athens’ first pharmacy (from 1855), Krinos have been serving their special recipe of loukoumades for more than 90 years.

It was in 1923 that Minas Kassimatis purchased the building from the city, converting it into a confectionary palace, the first mega-store of its kind in Athens. Kassimatis introduced exotic sweets from his homeland in Asia Minor, but it was their loukoumades that ultimately captured the hearts of Athenians.

Today you can enjoy these Greek style doughnuts, that are made in front of you as you place your order. Most prefer the traditional way, with honey syrup, cinnamon and crushed nuts. It’s a privilege to not only taste a bit of old Athens but to do so in one of its original cafeterias that brought so much pleasure to this city and its citizens of the 20th century.


Loukoumades - Lukumades restaurantFor the hipster version, head to Lukumades on Agias Irinis Square, where you can choose from every kind of variation your devilish self can think of including, chocolate drizzled toppings or with scoops of delicious ice-cream. If you haven’t tasted the classic Greek mastiha (a resin from the mastic tree) ice-cream, here’s your chance.

Eat-in (limited seating) or take away.