Spoon Sweets

Spoon Sweets - A Greek Hospitality Gesture

Spoon Sweets - A Greek Hospitality Gesture

This delicious age-old tradition in Greece of offering “Spoon Sweets” to visitors goes way back to the fourteenth century, when the Byzantines adopted the custom from Arab traders. It was a tradition as old as time in the Arabic world to serve the sweets to guests as a gesture of hospitality.

This tradition still lives on today throughout Greece and Cyprus. Today, spoon sweets are commonly served with a cup of Greek coffee or a glass of cold water, and the ingredients are much the same as they were hundreds of years ago. The sweet treats are made from whole fruit, fruit pieces, purees and even tree resin.

You’ll come across different variations of spoon sweets as you travel all over Greece, and it isn’t even uncommon to be offered one while visiting a cafe — especially in villages — to accompany your Greek coffee.

Sweet tradition such as this is just another of the many things which make Greece unique